Wild Violets Devotional Sachet

Solo Build It!


A Victorian boudoir sachet, this dainty, scented bag may be used to keep a devotional prayer ring in your thoughts.


Lavender, cord-edge silk satin ribbon 1 ¾ wide x 10 inches long

Two pieces narrow ribbon in violet shades for tying

Three skeins silk in shades of violet

Three skeins silk in shades of olives green


Wrong sides together, fold  the silk ribbon piece in half and mark the fold-line. Copy the violet design onto the silk, placing it where you wish it to be, Embroider the wild violets.

The ribbon is folded together (wrong sides) but not turned in at the edge, being simply overcast with a thread of silk o match.

Finish ends of threads. Remove markings.

The ends of the ribbon at the top of the bag are fringed.

Lightly fill bag with cotton on which powder with the perfume of the violet has been sprinkled.  An inexpensive and useful article.


“Confident, the flower delivers its treasure to all

In order to better breathe it, we bow while passing;

We are far already, but the divine odor

Spreads over our steps and perfumes us still”


Original Sachet Pattern From: How to Use Florence Knitting Silk (1886)