A Royal Diadem

Solo Build It!

A Royal Diadem by Walter Clemow Lanyon (1887-1967)


So within you the Talent keeps whispering and trying to edge its way out of the napkin of your fear, but you keep wrapping it tighter with new illusions and will not let it come to the light. You are afraid to do what it bids you do. “What would people say.” You are overcome with the fear that other people would say things. They intimidate you into a state of “greyness” you don’t dare to come out and be yourself. You coward! – – you are afraid to live your life – – the life you cherish above all things. You are scared to become great because it means work and it means hewing to the line and letting the world take care of itself. Let them talk – – their gossiping and sneers will soon be turned into hero worship. They are the “grey mass” to which you belonged and they change with the wind. Don’t mind them when they say, “You cannot,” or “Aren’t you afraid to do that?” These very voices will be saying, “I always knew that you would make a go of it.”

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