O, caskets of rare flowers,
Your incense floating round
Descends in rich profusion,
Like rose-leaves on the ground;
Besprinkling life's hard roadway,
Its sunless valleys, too,
With lovely, perfumed blossoms,
Creating earth anew.

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Some Early Christian Authors

John Calvin (1509-1564)
Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-1892)
Arthur Walkington Pink (1886-1951)
Jonathon Edwards (1703-1758)
Richard Baxter (1615-1691)
John Flavel (1630-1691)
John Owen (1616-1683)
Stephen Charnock (1628-1680)

The Beautiful Secret A Cure for Melancholy How Shall I Study My Bible
The Beautiful Secret by Isabel C. Byrum (1911) A Cure For Melancholy (The Cottage Cook) by Hannah More (1745-1833) How Shall I Study My Bible? by Frederic W. Farr (1919)
The Cultivation Of A Devotional Spirit The Grapes Of Eshcol
The Cultivation of a Devotional Spirit by Hannah More (1745-1833) The Grapes Of Eshcol by John MacDuff (1818-1895) Communion Memories by John MacDuff (1818-1895)
M'Cheyne Bible Reading Plan Mr Fantom The Story Of Tom
M'Cheyne Bible Reading Plan by R.M. M'Cheyne (1813-1843) Daily chart for family and private reading. Mr. Fantom by Hannah More (1745-1833) He fancied he was lost in the mass of general society. The Story of Tom by Hannah More (1745-1833)
The Song Of The Harpers The Song of The Nightingale
The Song Of The Harpers By The Glassy Sea by John McDuff (1818-1895) Devotional. The Song Of The Nightingale by Octavius Winslow (1808-1878) The Way to Christ by Jacob Boehme (1575-1624)

How Shall I Study My Bible? Frederick W. Farr (1918)

Prayer Power by Dr. Frederic W. Farr

Dependence on Christ by Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896)

A Cure for Melancholy by Hannah More (1745-1833)

The Sea of Bliss

We recognise that behind this veil of time and space is the all-pervading Sea of Bliss.

We close our eyes to outward thing—these mortal sense vibrations—and look with soul sight and true understanding to the radiance of Divinity, the soul light which is the Essence of all things… in this interior realm of glory all is vibrant.

This blissful Presence may be compared to a luminous Sea in which all things are immersed. We have always lived in this Presence.

Mystic Words of Mighty Power by Walter DeVoe (1905)

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